Quiz: How well do you know your mattress?

Welcome to our fun quiz to test your knowledge on mattresses and sleep. If you get a low score then you would do well by popping into our friendly store for the best advice on choosing a mattress, which is right for you.

Even if you manage to obtain a high score you still might wish to browse our great choice of mattresses and beds at BCB Warehouse.

Let's get started. Please note that you have only 2 minutes to complete the quiz.

1) You turn during the night, and sleep on your side, so what mattress gives you best results?
2) What does a mattress protector do?
3) Is a Queen size mattress bigger than a King size mattress?
4) You suffer from slight back pain, which type of mattress is better for it?
5) Why choose a pocket sprung mattress?
6) If you sleep on your back-what mattress is appropriate for you?
7) How often should you replace your mattress?
8) Is an Open Spring Mattress:
9) What are memory foam mattresses made from?
10) How often should you turn your mattress?

3rd March 2018

Well done for completing How well do you sleep?. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of your knowledge on what constitutes a good night sleep. If you are unsure or would like information on how to choose a great bed for your needs then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can be sure we can help,

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