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BCB is a family run business since 1972

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BCB offers a traditional great service with best practice

Beds at BCB Warehouse are at bargain basement prices because we spend more on lowering prices for the customer than on fancy décor for our premises. This means we can offer such value as lowering prices on beds and mattresses. We also offer top notch service, the old fashioned way of helping you through the selecting, buying of beds. We stock quality brands for rock bottom prices!

Affordable Beds

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We have a good selection of beds in stock and we can order into our Tunbridge Wells Warehouse. From open coil to pocket sprung beds all varying in different qualities to suit what you would like to spend.

Divan Beds

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There are a variety of options when it comes to divan beds. Varying from size, non-storage, storage options, material and colour choices. Talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Single Beds

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We stock a small selection of headboards but are able to order in many varieties of headboards ranging from metal, wooden and upholstered all in different options such as size, material and colour from our catalogues.

Children’s Beds

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We are proudly supporting Demelza House, a children’s hospice, based in Sittingbourne in Kent. We have acquired some of their superb teddies to give away with every bed and or mattress that we sell at BCB Warehouse.

children's beds

Headboards and Bedsteads

Plenty of Choice

We stock a selection of bedsteads ranging from Pine, Metal, Faux Leather and children’s beds. There is also a huge choice of bedsteads that we are able to order in, please ask for details when  in store.
We have staff members to help you make the right selection from our stock range to anything we can order for you.


We stock or can order leading brands and non-branded ones, too. You can choose among Singles and Doubles; Kings and Queens; Adjustable beds or basic ones.

Basic beds start from under £100. We cater for all budgets and yes you can Cash and Carry.

Child’s bed: 76 x 190 cm    /   2’6″ x 6’3″
Single bed:  91 x 190 cm    /    3′ x 6’3″
Small Double: 122 x 190 cm  /  4′ x 6’3″
Double bed:137 x 190 cm    /  4’6″ x 6’3

Larger Sizes: Is larger than a standard double but sizes can vary so it’s best to come along and stretch out to see whether a Queen, King or super size is right for you.

A quick check to see if you need a new bed

See below whether your mattress needs changing with a simple five point check. If you answer yes to three or more of these questions it might be a good time to see us.

  1. I have had my mattress over 5 years.
  2. I wake up with a twinge in my back
  3. My individually sprung mattress isn’t working
  4. I wake up with itchy skin
  5. I don’t get a good night’s sleep

You might not think about it quite like this; but really you have a relationship with your bed. You spend the best part of the day with it. So it should be looking after you. However, when your mattress starts to give you a pain in the neck or back-it's probably time to move on and start a new relationship with a new bed or mattress. Welcome to BCB Warehouse.

Just imagine if you stayed in the best hotel in the world but had a bad night's sleep there. No matter how good the service or the surroundings were: a bad night's sleep will be all that you will remember from the experience. A rubbish night sleep from a bad bed can give you or aggravate backache, give you insomnia,and can lead to drowsiness during the daytime.

We are not doctors at BCB Warehouse and we don't look into crystal balls; but it's pretty obvious to us how everyone can benefit from a new bed. Luckily for you we have plenty of choice to suit all budgets.

What type of mattress should I get? Memory foam or coil sprung? Specialised layers or zone memory?  Come and test drive our mattresses, it's free and a simple and you know what you like.
Should I have a budget in mind? Not a bad idea as our salespeople can guide you to the best mattress  to suit your wallet, if you need the help.
Branded or non-branded? Again it depends on how much you would like to spend. However, we can guide you to the best generic mattress that can be as good as the branded one.

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